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At the beginning of every partnership there is euphoria, connectedness and infatuation. Love is in focus! And everyone has experienced this! 😍 But sooner or later, frustration and dissatisfaction creep in, creating dynamics that quickly dampen euphoria, undermine the sense of connection, and create distance. And everyone experienced this too! 😣 The problem here is NOT that the so-called "infatuation phase" (the huffy-puffy being in love phase) is over or that the behavior of the partners has actually changed significantly! No, the problem IS that we've never learned to really be in a relationship unless hormones lure us into it or it just happens to "go well together." Maintaining a deeply connected relationship is an active process. Especially when life happens and conflicts kick in. Love is a doing word! And I see it as an ART that people can't do without nowadays because the needs and demands of our relationship life have become much more demanding. The art of relating can be learned and it's not just something for the aloof elite or for hipsters. Relationship art has become a necessity and people need role models and guides into relationships that draw their stability from a genuine connection while genuinely meeting their needs.

*********************** Photo: Doris Reinholz


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