Couple & Solo Sessions

Online or in Leipzig, Germany & Helsinki, Finland | english & german language

If you feel that your life needs change, movement and development, I will accompany you with integrative coaching and trauma-aware bodywork through trainings, workshops and individual sessions, so that you can realize your inherent powerful potential in this world.

With me you will find a container in which you can experience yourself, gain insight aswell as inspiration and get committed support that will help you to bring yourself to a lived, grounded and embodied integrity in the essential relationships of your life - partnership, personality, body and sexuality.

You can lovingly leave mental and physical boundaries behind you and change your self-image and body awareness so that you are a blooming expression of your authentic life force.

Live your authentic self
inspired | full of heart | needs-orientated

Online or in person in Leipzig, Germany or Helsinki, Finland

A flourishing relationship must be stable and flexible at the same time so that it can always adapt to changing needs and living conditions. This creates a lively feeling of connectedness, which is the prerequisite for fulfillment and true depth in a relationship.


We only have bad role models when it comes to connection and partnership. I will help you integrate stability and trust into your relationship(s).


Do you feel internal or external blockages or seemingly insurmountable obstacles that keep you from expressing your potential? Do you find it difficult to get in authentic connection with others? Don't you really feel at home in your body?

I will help you understand what is happening in you and support you in removing blockages and hurdles that separate you from living your vision and your potentials.

Often we have lost the connection to the body and its instinctive knowledge through traumatic experiences and our socialization.

Yet our somatic intuition and the bodies wisdom are essential indicators for a healthy, happy and deeply satisfying life.


I will help you to establish a real connection to yourself and your sensuality through your body and your nervous system.


Coming home to love