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​I'm offering you sensitive, grounded, professional assistance and guidance towards a more authentic expression in the essential relationships of your life - partnership, personality, body and sexuality.


Whether you attend alone or as a couple, I will accompany you on your way to a life that corresponds with your needs, so that you get to be fullest possible expression of your truth and integrity.

Evolutionary Partnership

Needs-Oriented & Trauma-Sensitive Couples Coaching

In our culture we have forgotten how to really connect authentically. Instead, we often lose our authenticity in contact with others or build protective walls, and we are denied real connection.

This is where all the different problems arise that keep our relationships stagnant, small, and frustrating. We have the impression that we have to neglect ourselves so that we are in harmony in the partnership or make too great compromises so that the other is satisfied.

This is frustrating!

In a partnership we need both - space for authenticity and a stable bond. Only this creates a real sense of belonging, which is the prerequisite for fulfillment and true depth in a relationship and partnership.


Conscious Breakup

Remaining Loving While Separating

Love is something you can't manipulate on.

But while there are definitly reasons for breakup and incompatibilities in most cases it feels hard to stay in compassion and connection while we are separating.

It's so understandable that it is so much easier to close down, project some story and create harsh walls to be able to go for your truth.

But isn't it ridiculous that breakups mostly lead to blame, shame and so much unnecessary hurt while we so often aren't able to stay in friendly and supportive contact?

I help you with the decision, the processing and the procedure of separating so that you can live up to your integrity while staying grateful, connected and affectionate.


Evolutionary Intimacy

Trauma-Sensitive Sensual Coaching, Yoni-Dearmoring & Sexological Bodywork

We often have lost the connection to our body and its instinctive wisdom through traumatic experiences aswell as our socialization.

Yet our somatic intuition and the bodies knowledge are essential indicators for a healthy, happy and deeply satisfying life.

In a safe envirorment I will help you to establish a somatic connection to yourself and your sensuality through exploring and understanding your body and your nervous system, aswell as to expand your self-image in such a way that you gently release traumareactions and become a lively, sensual, blooming expression of your authentic life force.


Non-Conceptual & Open Relating

Sensitive Guidance Towards Your Expression Of Truth

Developing into an open relationship or falling in love with another person are some of the major challenges for a couple.

While needs change with time and sometimes the insight about wanting to love more freely is given, it's anyways often a struggle to deal with attachment, bonding mechanisms and jealousy - not to mention the irritating feelings when opening up to another person in oneself.

With Non-Conceptual realting there is a focus on living love and the authentic connection in a flow and gain the stability within the relationship through honesty and trust and not through outer limitations, labels or boxes.

I guide and accompany you in all stages of the process of moving into your unique form of an alternative relationship.



First meeting | 60 min. | 100 €
Standard Mentoring Series | 2-3 months | 4 sessions 90 min. | 720 €   (= 180 € each)
Single intensive sessions | 90-120 min. | 240 €
Intense Mentoring Series | 3 months | First meeting plus 6 sessions 90-120 min. | 1.450 € (Info)
(All costs including statutory sales tax)
Venue: My Studio in Leipzig or online
Lanuage: English or German
Alone or as a couple

Live your authentic self
inspired | full of heart | needs-orientated

Online or in person in Leipzig, Germany

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