Training 2022 in trauma-sensitive couples therapy
Evolutionary Relationship Coach Training

People need a shift in their relationships!

Our society suffers primarily from unfulfilled relationships and partnerships. People live unhappily, inhibited and lack expression. They make big and wrong compromises and often misunderstand the relationship. Productivity, creativity and, above all, joie de vivre suffer as a result. Our mission is to sensitize people to their needs and to help them live them out in their relationships with integrity, authenticity and responsibility. We all long for fulfilled partnerships and strengthening relationships, but most people feel hopelessly overwhelmed with conscious relationship management.


People need trauma-sensitive companions for evolutionary relationships and partnerships!

Do you feel addressed?

Who is the training suitable for?

The Evolutionary Relationship Coach Training is aimed at coaches, consultants, alternative practitioners, psychologists, psychotherapists, as well as at people who want to use the methodology for themselves and others for fulfillment in relationships and partnerships.


It forms a modular system that is complete in itself and is therefore geared towards young professionals as well as long-established people who have recognized that a (r)evolutionary jolt is required in the consulting paradigm in order to meet modern, individual needs in the support of people.

General information about the training

The practically oriented training takes place in english language in 4 intensive weekend modules and comprises around 64 teaching hours. Several locations are offered (see below).


The content is deepened with detailed scripts, homework, in-depth preparation and follow-up of the lessons, and practical self-awareness. In addition, there is a digital networking group for more in-depth knowledge, for repeating lessons, clarifying open questions and exchanging experiences. The group size is a maximum of 20 participants.

There is a change in needs concerning relationships

Today, more than ever, individual needs determine our relationships. Hardly anyone is satisfied with unfulfilled relationship structures that only serve to provide security. In our society we are dealing with an individualization of people. And that's good!


But the individual needs have to be lived out authentically, with integrity and responsibly when it comes to relationships. This is where most problems and dramas arise in partnerships. We support our clients with them using needs-oriented couples therapy, which I developed with 11 years of experience and relationship research. Whether you are a counselor, coach or trainer or alternative practitioner, or you are new to the counseling/coaching business, the process of needs-based couples therapy enables you to successfully help people to live their true partnership potential and to be in relationships, that really fit their needs. If you recognize that your calling lies in leading people to more fulfillment and happiness, you can start your successful work after just nine weeks.

What to expect

• The methodology and paradigms of needs-oriented couple therapy

• The 3 Pillars of an Evolutionary Partnership

• Partnership Dynamics

• Conflict dynamics & dispute structures

• Communication training

• Evolutionary partnership & relationship culture

• Needs Analysis I & II

• Client handling

• The nervous system and its impact on relationships

• Approach exercises & overcoming distance

• Healthy partnership sexuality

• Alternative forms of relationships

• Clarity in the relationship levels

• Integrity & authenticity in coaching

• Motivation Analysis & Belief pattern modification

• Somatic couples therapy

• Body work and somatic regulation of the nervous system

• Pace & Lead practices and documentation and accounting tips


All modules take place on Fridays from 6 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Sundays, which makes it possible to travel to and from the course on a part-time basis.

Teaching procedure, registration + costs

The Training is held in a group of up to 20 participants, which are found through a previous selection process. I would like to get to know you online, through a phone call or face-to-face and get an impression of whether the training could be the right thing for you. At the same time you can get an impression of me here and we can clarify all your questions.


When you realize that your calling lies in leading people to more fulfillment and happiness, I look forward to sharing this intense and profound time with you ​



Regular: from December 1st, 2022 – €2,600

Early bird: from November 1st, 2022 - €2,400

Super enthusiastic bird: until October 31st, 2022 - €1,990

For individual payment options, such as payment in installments, please contact me by email.

Dates, locations & content of the modules

Module I

Get to know | Paradigms of Needs-Based Couple Therapy Concept of the 3 Pillars | Needs & Needs Analysis | Trauma-sensitive Support | The Nervous System & Its Effects on Relationships | Triggers & Behavior Patterns | Self and Co-Regulation

Module II
Modern Partnership Requirements & Alternative Forms of Relationship | Integrity | Belief Patterns | Motivation Analysis & Belief Pattern Modification | Couples Dynamics | Systemics |Boundaries and Connection

Module III
Conscious Communication Training | Empathy Creation | Healthy Partnership Sexuality | Practical & Somatic Methodology | Bodywork in couples therapy
Module IV
Client Handling & Pace and Lead | Conscious & Evolutionary Partnership | Accounting & Self-Employment Tips | Practicals | Deepening

(Changes to the process are possible depending on the dynamics of the group process.)

The Training will be offered in Turku/Finland, Malmö/Sweden and Berlin/Germany in the beginning of 2023.

Get in touch to stay updated and get your spot and discount reserved!


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