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Training 2024 Sweden
Trauma informed & needs oriented couples counseling

'Evolutionary Relationship Coaching Training'

It is time for a new paradigm of relating!

One of the down sides of our culture is that it does not support us to live healthy and fulfilled relationships. The very structures that we've built to assure relational safety actually reinforce unhealthy behavior patterns, rooted in trauma. Many people end up making sacrifices to a point where they´ve given up their unique authentic expression to maintain connection. Overriding their own needs to stay in relationship, ending up frustrated and unfulfilled. This also limits inherent self-expression and “joie de vivre” in all areas of life.


Human beings long to live fulfilling partnerships and empowering relationships, yet often feel hopelessly overwhelmed with conscious relationship management, stuck in the inner conflict between the need for sovereignty and connection. However, there are ways to be authentic and needs-oriented while being connected and secure in relationship.


There is a need for trauma informed guides to lead the shift into a new paradigm of relating.


As coaches, consultants and therapists it is our task to help sensitise our clients to their needs, attachment patterns and relational behavior. We support them to embody their integrity, authenticity and responsibility in their relationships while at the same time enabling deep connection and reliability.

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Stay tuned or get in touch to recieve information about the next ERCT in Malmö planned for 2025.

Who is the training for?

The Evolutionary Relationship Coaching Training is aimed at coaches, counselors, alternative practitioners, psychologists, psychotherapists, as well as people who want to use the methodology for others or themselves to create more fulfilling relationships and in-depth partnerships. It can also be seen as an addition of relational trauma awareness for anyone who is already working with or wants to start working with individuals, couples groups.

The training is a complete methodology in itself and is therefore
suitable for both newcomers to the profession as well as long-established professionals.


Anyone who has recognised that a (r)evolutionary shift is needed in the coaching paradigm in order to meet contemporary and individual needs will greatly benefit from it. The methodology as a whole can be used completely on its own (as Rouven has been doing for many years) but can also easily be combined with other therapy and coaching approaches such as Gestalt therapy, behavioral therapy, systemic therapy, body therapy etc.

The paradigms and methods are state-of-the-art in terms of trauma sensitivity, nervous system awareness, somatic intervention and regulation, personality development and attachment theory.

General information about the training

The practically oriented training takes place in Malmö in southern Sweden with 6 intensive weekend modules and contains about 95 teaching hours. In addition the content is deepened through detailed scripts, homework, practice groups, preparation and follow-up of the lessons, online calls and practical self-experience.


Furthermore, there is an telegram networking group for deepening, repeating the lessons, clarifying open questions and exchanging experiences. 


To keep the possibility to support each individual through the process of the training the group will be max. 25 participants.


Dr. Rouven Schneider will be the leading facilitator of the methodology and Ida Helmers will support the group process, individual processes and practical concerns of the participants. In addition, a team of trained and experienced assistants will take care of psychological and emotional as well as practical support.

A committed participation in all elements of the training leads to a certificate of attendance, which allows you to implement the whole methodology in your work without officially teaching or promoting it.

The additional mentorship program with Rouven leads to an accreditation to officially work with and promote the methodology “needs oriented couples therapy”. The mentorship program ensures the integration of the methodology into your chosen line of work as well as starting up a completely new business.


As this training might also ignite a lot of personal inner development there is a possibility to add on individual support through somatic therapy sessions with Ida throughout the whole training.

The relational needs in our culture are changing

Included in the training

Individual needs affect the quality of our relationships today, more than ever before. Hardly anyone is satisfied with an unfulfilling relational structure where the only purpose is security and the individual needs of both partners come second. We are dealing with an increasingly individualisation of people in our society - and that is a good thing!

The problem is that  individual needs must be lived with authenticity, integrity and responsibility in relationships to create fulfillment and satisfying connection. This is where most problems and drama arises in partnerships.

This is why Rouven developed a methodology for ”needs-oriented couples therapy” after many years of experience in supporting couples and doing his own relationship research. Whether you are a counselor, coach, trainer or alternative practitioner or completely new to the coaching business, the process of needs-based couples mentoring enables you to successfully help people to live their true partnership potential and to be in relationships that truly meet their needs.

If you feel a calling to support people towards more relational fulfillment and happiness, this is your invitation!

You will be able to offer this (r)evolutionary method after only 3 1/2 months.

  • The methodology & paradigms of needs-oriented couples therapy

  • The 3 Pillars of an Evolutionary Relationship

  • Partnership dynamics

  • Conflict dynamics & dispute structures

  • Communication training

  • Trauma sensitivity in relationships

  • Evolutionary Partnership & relationship culture

  • Needs Analysis I & II

  • Client interaction

  • The nervous system and its effects on relationships

  • Approaching exercises & overcoming emotional distance

  • Healthy sexuality in partnership

  • Alternative relationship structures

  • How to create clarity in different relationship styles

  • Motivation analysis & belief modification

  • Somatic couples therapy methodology

  • Bodywork and somatic regulation of the nervous system

  • Pace & lead practices

  • Integrity & authenticity in counseling

  • Tips on documentation and bookkeeping as well as legal issues


All modules take place on Fridays from 6 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Sundays in central Malmö, which makes it possible to travel to and from the course on a part-time basis.

Registration + costs

We teach in a group of up to 25 participants, that is formed through an application process. As a first step we ask you to fill out the application form. After that, we get in touch with you and we would like to get to know you at least a little more personal and get an impression of whether the training is a good fit for you. For that we will schedule a short call online or if possible meet eye-to-eye.
Here you also can get an impression of us and we can clarify all your questions.

Once we have agreed that this training is suitable for you we warmly welcome you onboard this deep and (r)evolutionary journey.


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Regular: 3.400,- €
Early bird (until January 31st.): 3.200,- €

Super Early bird (until December 31th.): 2.995,- €

To secure yourself the Early bird discount just fill out the application form asap and without any binding so we can start the evaluation process and have a call to get to know each other.

Included in the cost is a printed script of every module with all the theory and practical exercises & lighter snacks and drinks for the breaks.

Accommodation must be arranged separately by each participant as well as lunch, that you can either bring or have in a restaurant nearby.

For individual payment options, such as installments or the need for a financial adjustment, please contact us directly and we'll find a solution.

Additional support during the training:



The mentorship program with Rouven is designed to support you in integrating the methodology into your chosen line of work, as well as starting up a completely new business. 

During the training you have mentoring and direct access to Rouvens knowledge and expertise in 9 x 60-90 min. Zoomcalls, that are scheduled according to your preference and are available up to 3 months after completing the training.

The mentorship program also leads to an accreditation to officially use and promote the methodology “needs oriented couples therapy”.

Price for the mentorship accreditation program is an additional 1.400,- € (instead 2.200,- € if booked as mentoring sessions outside the program)

Somatic therapy

To support your inner processes and personal development throughout this training you can add on somatic therapy sessions with Ida, who is there supporting the group and knows the work by heart. Ida has a session room in central Malmö and also offers sessions online.

The somatic therapy sessions are based on somatic experiencing, parts work and different embodiment modalities.

This work helps you to deepen the understanding for your own nervous system, get to know your inner conflicting parts and uncover the wisdom they hold as well as meeting your instinctual reactions with more compassion and ease.

Price for accompanying somatic therapy is 3.995,- SEK (approx. 340,- €) for a set of 4 x 60 min. sessions or 1.250,- SEK (approx. 105,- €) for a single session (instead 4.995,- SEK / 1.450,- SEK if booked outside of the training).

You can read more about Idas offerings here.

Content of the modules

Module I:
Group bonding | Paradigms of needs-oriented couples therapy | Concept of the 3 Pillars of an Evolutionary Relationship | Needs theory & Needs Analysis.

Module II:
Trauma-sensitive counseling | The nervous system & its effects on relationships | Triggers & behavioral patterns | Self- and co-regulation in partnerships

Module III:
Couple Dynamics | Conflict structures | Beliefs in relationships | Motivational analysis & belief modification | Systemics

Module IV:
Modern Partnership inquiries & alternative relationship structures | Open relationship systems | Integrity | Boundaries & connection | Practical & somatic methodology I

Module V:
Communication training | Empathy building | Healthy sexuality in partnerships | Practical & somatic methodology II | Bodywork in couples therapy

Module VI:
Client handling & pace and lead | Conscious & Evolutionary Relationship | Tips for accounting & self-employment | Practical & legal issues | Deepening, integrating & celebration

(Changes in the schedule are possible depending on the dynamics of the group process.)

The Team

Find out more about he Evolutionary Relationship Coaching Training

"Dear Rouven,
I can't tell you how much has already happened since the training started.
Your input is so incredibly helpful. I work intensively with it both privately and professionally."


What previous participants say:

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