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About Rouven

I've grown to be a relationship & intimacy artist.

Working in the coaching field for 13 years now I specialized on conscious partnership and alternative relationship about 10 years ago having successfully accompanied far over 1.000 couples by now. I was the founder and CEO of the 'Institute for Beziehungsentfaltung' in Saarbrücken, where I invented the method of 'Bedürfnisorientierte Paartherapie' ('Needs-oriented Couples-therapy').

For several years I am focussing on bringing trauma-sensitivity and bodywork-approaches into the field of relational work and investigate the relation of the nervous system, needs, trauma, behavioral patterns and upbringing in accordance to relationship and partnership.

This is the basis for 'evolutionary relating' - a conscious and intentional way to use the field of relationships as an incubator for personal and cultural growth and developement.

​​While in private continuously working through my behavioral patterns, relational trauma and partnership experiences, Love and Integrity appeared to be my biggest teachers; always anxious and curious what they  will teach and where theay will guide me next. Most of my methods and paradigms arise from this heart-full and committed path and I am continually refining my teachings and expertise according to my own insights from my diverse relational experiences. I'm constantly searching for ways for connecting genuine Love with personal Integrity - and guiding others to do likewise.

Passing on my perspectives, experiences and expertise I'm noticed as "a guide of the guides, a teacher of teachers, a liver of life and an embodied expression of Love."


I hold a doctors degree as a cultural anthropologist and my field of interest has been relational evolution ever since. Seeing relationships as the space in which we can form culture through awareness, I passionately guide people into more selfresponsibility and vulnerable intimacy within their relationships. As a Qi-Gong Teacher and certified Sexological Bodyworker I use practical somatic approaches for more fulfillment in sensuality and bodyawareness of my clients. My spiritual background is based on occidental shamanism from which I carry a 'remembrance of the future' in which my passion for educational and evolutionary work roots. Several years I have been experiencing, learning and assisting in the community of Embodied Intimacy, constantly broadening my knowledge through practice.

I'm currently based in Leipzig (Germany) working as a couples therapist and intimacy coach as well as giving trainings for new Evolutionary Relationship Coaches and therapists in Germany, Finland and Sweden.

Dr. Rouven Schneider

(44 years old, relationship & intimacy artist, integrity guide, projector, lover, father, man)


  • Doktor rerum naturalium (magna cum laude)

  • Culture anthropology & archaeology (human culture evolution)

  • Diplom-Prehistorian (Prehistory/Anthropology/Geology)

  • Grief tending training from Francis Weller

  • Training in embodiment, bodywork & somatic regulation of the nervous system (Embodied Intimacy®)

  • Certified Sexological Bodyworker (IISB®)

  • Training in somatic traumawork (Embodied Intimacy®)

  • Schoolings in trance- & meditationtechniques

  • Initiation and schooling in neo-schamanic practice

  • Schooling in occidental shamanism

  • Advanced training in systemic constellation work

  • Advanced training in solo- & group-councelling

  • Advanced training in life & couple counseling

  • Training in various therapeutic areas (including traditional chinese medicine, energy work, chakra cleaning)

  • 3 years study of Daoist philosophy

  • Certified pedagogical specialist for education & training

  • Certified relaxation therapist

  • Qi Gong instructor

  • Certified instructor for autogenic training & progressive muscle relaxation

  • Over 13 years of experience as a teacher, group and seminar leader (evolutionary relationship coach training, (open) partnership, neo-shamanism, body work, Qi Gong, personality and potential development, birth preparation, men's annual groups and much more)

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