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My name is Rouven.
I am researching relational behavior from a cultural anthropological perspective and support you in mastering the traumasensitive art of relating.

My call is to spread knowledge and tools for conscious relating and to support you through couples mentoring and individual coaching, workshops aswell as professional trainings to live up to a new trauma-informed and needs-oriented relational paradigm.

This paradigm is evolutionary and it fosters integrity.

Why evolutionary?

What happens to an organism when put under pressure?
It either dies or it develops according to the pressurefull circumstances.
This adaptation is evolution and it also applies in cultural terms!


It's actually the same with relationships.
Relationships are organisms with at least 2 cells (usually called a "couple").

An evolutionary relationship invites growth and development and gains its stability not out of outward safeties, fixed states or regulations but from the trust whithin, grounded on the relational behaviour.
The profound connection between the partners makes development possible and creates deeply satisfying depth and trust.


What about integrity?

The willingness to follow your truth is the basis of trustworthy connection and intimacy. Likewise it is your guiding light to stay true to yourself.

This is integrity, making you a reliable companion for your own needs aswell as for another person to grow with.

Integrity is not about being enlightend or pushing yourself to perfectionism. It means following your hearts truth and virtues, questioning both consequently, while being in vulnerable connection with yourself and others.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers

within yourself that you have built against it.” – Rumi

If you feel that your relationship with others or yourself needs movement and development, I will accompany you with integrative coaching and trauma-aware bodywork through trainings, workshops and individual intensives, so that you can express your inherent powerful potential in this world.

Life is all about relationships.

Authentic relationships with yourself, with others, your body and your purpose in life.


I support you in trauma-sensitive ways on your inner and interpersonal relationship journey.


I'm looking forward to meeting you,


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Find out why a new paradigm of relating is desperatly needed in our modern culture.

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