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Upcoming Workshops, events & trainings

in Germany, Sweden & Finland or online

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March 10.-12. | Copenhagen /Denmark
April 21..-23. | Helsinki / Finland
May 5.-7. | Malmö / Sweden
September 15.-17. | Helsinki / Finland
Sept. 29.-Oct. 1. | Malmö / Sweden

New dates for 2024 coming up!


Relational Laboratory

A brave space where you get to shift your patterns into new experiences.

Bridging - Insta.png

24.-28. April 2024 / Finland

Bridging the gap

In this 5 day retreat you will have the opportunity to gently melt into your pureness and stay there with your widend heart while coming into connection with others from a place of genuine inner safety.

Registration open now!

Evolutionary relationship.png

March - June 2024 / Sweden

Evolutionary Relationship Coaching Training

Professional training in traumasensitive and needs-oriented couples coaching.

Application open now!

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