You are the change you want to see in the world - heard about it many times, right?


Without integrity, however, every knowledge, every spiritual awakening and every visionary private or social project is just mindfuck.

It all ends with your integrity ... or it starts right here!

For as long as I can remember, I myself was looking for connection and universal fulfillment in my relationships.

First with mom, then with girls, in sports, then with women, at university, in my career ... I looked for my stability in the outside world. After more than three decades and various relationship structures (patchwork, long-distance relationships, monogamy, polyamory, single parenting, marriage ...), co-dependencies that have been hidden for many years, toxic structures and certainly very inglorious and extremely unpleasant experiences, I was able to experience that it takes courage to be authentic and radical honesty towards oneself in order to take responsibility for one's own life.

The acceptance of and surrender to external change - basically just vitality - is a necessary consequence of this responsibility. I realized painfully that we need an inner basis and positioning in order to find real stability and fulfillment in life and thus also in external relationships.

I have spent my life so far in the constant repetition of an old, traumatic experience of isolation and separation. I was able to learn that connection is the key to a living, fulfilling, powerful and happy life.

Above all: the connection with myself!
With my values, beliefs and truths, my feeling and my intuition.

Then the connection with loved ones, people around me, communities and nature, as well as all creatures in it. By this I realized what it really means to be connected and empathic with everything.

Last but not least the connection with my body and its abilities and needs, not least my sexuality and my ecstatic power.
Through embodiment I was able to learn to use the moment as anchor and port for my nervous system, to express my strength and vitality creatively, and to rediscover my unmistakable inner compass.

I am grateful for these lessons which basically keep forming my life!

I accompany you with heart, mind and hand in your inner and interpersonal relationships.


Coming home to Love