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I'm learning so much about myself the last weeks. After decades of identifying with certain personality traits, virtues and behavioural patterns, I suddenly make seemingly totally new experiences. It's not so much that I put myself in new environments to feel myself new. It's more the other way around: After years of exposing myself to different conscious fields, relating in various communities, expanding my consciousness aswell as awareness and experiencing my multitude of somatic states something really shifted. It did all the time in a way - bit by bit - with felt quantum leaps and dramatic pitfalls. But always I was able to connect a thread from one point to another. Like those children's drawings where you connect one dot after their next and then suddenly a picture appears. But this time it's different. I haven't fallen in amnesia (I hope) but it feels like it's a new page and not just another dot. I perceive myself totally different in mostly all parts of my life: Personally at home I enjoy my solitude and own company. While with my clients I can't coach the way I did before. As a father I discover vast caverns of new ressources. I started creating art. As a lover I don't lose myself. As a partner I supprisingly discover my boundaries. I'm relating outside my usual patterns, still noticing them, but more as a black'n'white image with sentimental touch. And everything comes with a weird note of cheekiness 🤪 And taking all if this together I can state that everything is so much filled with Love and appreciation towards other people. So I'm floating through space. A space I've known, but with new lightness and gratefulness. Exploring the new page in awe. I guess the profound quantum drive was the increased nervous system awareness I gained over the last years. This shit really works!✌ I'm able to feel and show more of me - and with that being open to see more of you! And you're beautiful. Seeing behind masks and roles - because I witnessed some of mine - always coming back to Love.

*********************** Photo: Felix Mittermeier


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