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Actually that's what partnerships are there for. A partnership isn't there to keep you cosy and stable - this might always be a welcomed side affect. But partnerships are there to keep the human culture moving, evolving and ascending through every individual. Let's look at that more closely! We often perceive culture as something put upon us from politics or heritage. But actually what BECOMES culture is the way every single one of us behaves towards another. As if culture is an orgsanism consisting of so many cells. We call these cells individual. These cells form first clusters - we call them couples. These clusters are the nucleus of bigger ones - we call them family. And so on... you get the point. So culture is formed by summing how we behave, what virtues we carry, how much we can be of integrity and live up to our own truths. Partnerships are the relationships we usually open up the most and feel the need to be met. So THIS is the place to meet from integrity, bring in your visions and flaws, show up the most authentic with all your grateness and your messiness. And it's the place to strech, to develop, to rise. We used to say 'falling in love' and for me this gives the undertone of then being IN something. I like the idea of 'rising in love' much better! Letting love take me further. Guiding me towards the ability to live my hearts truth. Love automatically touches your wounds and triggers your patterns through your partnerships. This is that way so we get the opportunity to naturally develop. Get it? Evolution is the most normal thing in life. If you allow her, Love will guide you home. And with this all of culture. Come, live evolutionary integrity with me!

*********************** Photo: Luizclas


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