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Some reflection of what is going on in the world: Looking in the world and really opening my eyes to this the last years, I can only come to the conclusion that we as mankind only just left the trees (no offense to our ancestors ✌️). And we so often believe we have moved on. In falling for media brainwashing, starting heavy armed conflicts, living in non-eco-friendly ways... but also I see this every day on personal scale. The way we eat, spend our time with outward stimulus to distract ourselves from our core, the way we treat our fellow beings, the way we behave infront of our kids AND the way we live our relationships. Being in the field of partnership coaching now for over 11 years - believe me - I have gained the most intimate insights into what is happening in private. You won't believe it. And besides all the good intentions and wishful thinking - look at the shit we call love these days! We are f*cking up our relationships with mostly everything including ourselves. I'm taking myself in account there too. Then I have to remind myself of humility and patience. Patience towards humankind. On the other side I see so many glowing eyes and burning hearts. So many lightful intentions and golden visions. And so much brave- and boldness in people stretching beyond their triggers, patterns and trauma to live their virtues. I believe both is true! We've only just left the trees and it is frustrating as f*ck.

Aswell we have what it takes to transit into a world in which we can say, we walk our talk and follow our truths. A truth that comes from the heart. All we need for this is the courage for integrity. And accepting guidance in fields we are still lost in. We don't have to do this alone!

*********************** Photo: Olya Kobruseva


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