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Attachment styles like : 😎 Avoidant Attachment 😱 Anxious Attachment 😵‍💫 Disorganized Attachment or 🥰 Safe Attachment are helpful ways to categorise and understand what's happening. BUT don't put yourself in a box ‼ You are much more complex than this! Your nervous system reacts with literally lightspeed through different states and reactions due to the triggers it perceives. Instead of putting yourself in an attachment box rather try to step by step track what happens within you to understand yourself and the relational dynamics you seem to be caught in. This is like every moment finding a possible doorway out drama patterns. This is the relational gamechanger! Basic nervous system awareness is crucial to live self-responsible in a relationship. And it is also the basis of a thriving, constantly deepening and safe connection with another. (and this is what we all are looking for, right?

*********************** Photo: Doris Reinholz

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