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I've spend the last two weeks in an utopian bubble on a fjord in Sweden called embodied intimacy summercamp. Sitting at Stockholm airport right now waiting for my flight to Finland I'm struck by what is possible when 60 human strangers gather in awareness, selfrespondsability and vulnerability. Tears pressing behind my eyes while being flushed with experiences, memories, impressions, connections and exhaustion. Meeting complete strangers on a level, that a few days later you feel they are an important part of your life is possible - and sitting in this crowded airport terminal I'm wondering how our society would be, if only a little bit more trauma-awarenes, respect and vulnerability would be infused in our culture. I clearly feel: This world brings all the resources and opportunities to live in Eden! It's up to us alone to create heaven on earth. Paradise is not something you rise into, work hard for or have to behave for to be able to enter. Paradise exists when I meet you in transparency and vulnerability, feeling allowed to be and show all of me. Coming home to connection between to beings without judgement or need to fix anything. Feeling vast humility infront of all the brave and vulnerable beautiful beings I've met, there is great stillness in me. Having been so nurtured through connection makes me be sure that paradise is possible - if we learn to just be together with what is. "Together we can do it - alone we're f*cked!" ~ Buster Rådvik from Embodied Intimacy

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