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A few days ago I shared a beautiful quote in a story. Although the quote touched something in my depths it was only after a reply from a friend, that I thought deeper into it. Thank you Ute. 😉 The quote from @markanthonypoet (Mark Anthony, I highly recommend his art) was this: "One day Love will find you to remind you Love is real." Something in me felt seen reading this. Yes, I have definitely loved and lost - then questioned the Love afterwards. And in other relationships I thought I loved, but later had to realise that other forces like attachment and childhood wounds were the motor of the connection, not love in its purity. What struck me, was the question replied from a friend: "Well, this leaves the question, how will I recognise this Love then?" Good question! After so much distraction, bypassing and attachment in many different relationships in my life, I am honestly able to say Love has chosen me to show herself through me. So how do you recognise Love, the pure, true Love? Well, all I can say I did and do through her burning everything else down, that isn't her. Then while seeing my world crumbling to pieces and all faith disintegrating, warming me with her fire. When falling in the darkness of deepest of dispairs, right before being afraid to lose my mind in those abyssals forever, shining her light, guiding me home. This may sound pathetic and over-romantic but actually it's the other way around. Love is all in all pathos, it's highly romantic. But not in the Hollywood or Disney style but rather like a tiny sproud pushing through layers of debris of a disintegrated distopian world. So my answer is: You will recognise Love, again and again. When you can stand infront of terror and feel her emerging through you, gently and very softly she speaks. Love is soft while her force is the strongest. And you can just come home in her, knowing everything, wonderful and dredful, is just the gift of breathing herself - calling you home.

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