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I thought she would destroy me That I'd drown in her But she - this love that I feel - is a gift For myself She's sacred and running through me With that she overwhelmes me, crushes all defensis and washes them away She is so strong I cannot deny her Distracting myself from her Pushing her aside and ignoring her Impossible! And for that there is only gratefulness left She opens my eyes and makes me see beauty She makes me slow down to be aware She holds me in lonely hours and and fills me with the most exciting euphoria and aliveness She makes me stop and feel Grow in grace and clarity Bow in humility With exacly the might that she broke my walls of self she strokes my heart in tenderness Giving joy Spreading pain Shining sorrow Allowing grief Calming anxiety Soothing hope Spreading ease There is always the old known habbit to go in my head and plan, fix or unwillingly manipulate But this love is so strong and tender at the same time I have no choice than to return to her purity again and again And let my heart and deepest abandoned chambers be filled her Her peace of pure existence She brings me back to myself She makes it impossible to move away from her She's with me Always She carries me Heals and enlightens me Although this love hasn't got a form in life She doesn't care She only grows Expanding wastly She dresses me in purity wrenching out everything that isn't her Doing her magic I cannot ignore her She just softly whispers: 'It's ok! Just feel me! It's me you always wanted. Welcome home!'️

*********************** Photo: Private


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