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The Initiation

A journey into Evolutionary Relating for couples

This relational initiation is open for couples who wish to deepen their connection to themselves and each other.


During these days you will be immersed in the secrets of co-creating a deeply meaningful romantic partnership.

You will gain practical tools for conscious relating as well as understanding the idea of an "Evolutionary Relationship”.

Together we will explore the art of relating through a combination of nourishing experiences, empowering knowledge, ceremony and community.

You will take with you a new shared language of love to keep strengthening the bond between you and your partner.




An evolutionary relationship is part of a new paradigm of relating that sees love as a guide rather than a goal, leading us deeper into connection with ourselves and the other through relating.

It invites the possibility that a relationship can be so much more than just a place to get your individual needs met, but actually a place where we can support each other to heal, grow and evolve as human beings.

This way of relating moves beyond the misconception that disharmony equals disconnection, but rather sees relational challenges as an opportunity to deepen in trust with each other.

The foundation of an evolutionary relationship is built upon self-responsiblility, needs-orientation and transparency combined with continuously turning towards each other.

An evolutionary relationship invites change rather than trying to avoid it, so that the relationship can keep evolving and meeting the ever changing inner and outer needs.



Long for a nourishing space away from everyday life fully dedicated to your relationship.

Want to deepen the connection to yourself & your needs as a way to evolve the relationship.

Desire to transform your relational conflicts into a continuous invitation to feel met, seen and heard by your partner.

Feel called to let Love be your guide in relationships.

Are curious about a new paradigm of relating that supports our human evolution.




Understanding the dynamics behind conflicts, triggers and relational patterns that play out in your partnership.

Relating from your body instead of your mind to deepen the connection with yourself and your partner.

Learn practices & tools to prevent, resolve & repair conflicts in a practical way that helps you stay empathetic with your partner as well as self-responsible & empowered.

Co-creating a supportive community where we share our relational struggles as well as our celebrations to learn from and support each other.




- Conscious communication exercises

- Somatic exercises to create deeper connection

- Finding the meeting point in authenticity and vulnerability

- Relational ceremonies in the name of Love

- Community circles and heart opening sharing

- Relational nervous system regulation and trauma awareness

- Protective mechanisms, shadows and other internal components creating conflicts

- Creating healthier couple dynamics

- Recognising individual relational patterns as gifts to the partnership

- Conflict resolution practices

- Theory of the principles of an Evolutionary Relationship

- The 3 pillars of Evolutionary Relating

- Understanding and engaging with your relational needs


JOIN US FOR A FREE INTRO CALL SUNDAY 5 FEBRUARY 6-7pm (CET)"What is an evolutionary relationship?" Read more here!


"The couples retreat with Ida and Rouven was so valuable for us! In this safe container, together with other couples and the gentle lead, we were able to feel and express our love towards each other in a depth that was never possible before, in over 8 years relationship. Still touched by the tenderness and attunement that was revealed, we take home an intense memory to lean in and many exercises that are simple to apply. We found it to be much easier to dive deep in this group setting than with only a therapist.
We’ll definitely book that offering again, to nourish our love and connection. "
/Pia & Jakob

"If you’re thinking about attending a workshop with Ida or Rouven, just do it, I cannot imagine a person this cannot suit or be of benefit too. Your wishes will be heard and your boundaries respected, and I’m sure you will learn something in a way precious to you." / Johan


Ida Helmers (Sweden) & Dr. Rouven Schneider (Germany)


Rouven is a relationship & intimacy artist. While continuously working through his behavioral patterns, relational trauma and partnership experiences Love and Integrity appeared to be his biggest teachers.

Working as a relationship counselor for the past 12 years he specializes in conscious partnership, bringing trauma-sensitivity and somatic-approaches into the field of relational work. His research focuses on the correlation between the nervous system, needs, trauma, behavioral patterns and upbringing with relational dynamics. This is the basis for 'Evolutionary Relating' - a conscious and intentional way to use the field of relationships as an incubator for personal and cultural growth and development.

While passing on his perspectives, experiences and expertise he is noticed as "a guide of the guides, a teacher of teachers, a liver of life and an embodied expression of Love."
Read more.


Ida is a somatic guide, group field weaver and relational enthusiast. Her work focuses on somatic education, relational healing and authentic communication. She supports individuals, couples and parents to relate with their nervous system, embody their true nature and create deeply fulfilling relationships.

She draws inspiration and knowledge from Somatic Experiencing, trauma theory, body work, Circling and Embodied Intimacy in her facilitation and always leaves room for the unique wisdom of the group to guide her.

Ida is driven by a deep curiosity for human connection and an insatiable longing for clarity and coherence. She sees relationships as a path for mutual growth, healing and evolution.

Her greatest teacher is the wisdom that lives in our bodies and its innate link to the wisdom of the Earth. She is devoted to reconnect us to this wisdom so that we can live our lives in service of the Earth. Read more.

This weekend is for any couple, no matter previous experience, relationship form, gender or age.

All exercises are an invitation.

The exercises won't contain nudity or se×uality.

The event will be held in English.




Nikkilä Temple | Tampere | Finland

Register via email:

Limited number of participants!

To secure your place in THE INITIATION for couples, you need to make a non-refundable deposit of 850€ per couple, which will be considered full payment of food and accommodation.




-Super-Early-Bird until February 28th: 1000€ per couple + 850€ food & accommodation

-Early Bird until March 31th: 1350€ per couple + 850€ food & accommodation

-Regular from April on: 1650€ per couple + 850€ food & accommodation

The price per couple includes for both of you:

the Evolutionary Relating Couples Initiation

5 nights accommodation

3 healthy freshly cooked meals per full day

2 evenings with community sauna


*** To register and guarantee your place in the retreat - email: ***




* Drop in and check in 5-6pm. Our first meal together is dinner on May 23.

* We conclude on May 28 at 3pm and our last meal together is lunch.

* You can reach Nikkilä Temple by flying into Helsinki, taking a ferry into Helsinki from Tallinn, or taking a ferry into Turku from Sweden. From the airport or ferry ports you can take a train to Orivesi (with 1 transfer)

* Train schedules are available for viewing and purchase 6 weeks in advance via From Orivesi it's a 20min car ride (estimated cost 55e per taxi ride one way)

* Orivesi and Kangasala towns are both equal distance from the temple, and both also have bus stations, if you are traveling from within Finland. Tampere is a 45min car ride away.

*** 𝗧𝗼 𝗥𝗲𝗴𝗶𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗿 𝗲𝗺𝗮𝗶𝗹:

Nikkilä Temple is located in Finland, and dedicated to Soul Initiation, the path of Freedom and Love, and recognizing Spirit at the core of all.

The Temple’s School curriculum includes the 3 rings of our being: embodiment & personality integration, soul, and spirit, with the intention of supporting humanity move through embodied soul emergence. "The Initiation" for couples is a part of this curriculum.

You will have exclusive use of the property which is private, full of wildlife, lakefront with optional nude swimming and sunbathing, use of wood sauna, bonfire area, ceremonial fire alter, and has a large birch and spruce forest on 18 acres/ 56 hectares of activated dedicated land.

There will be 3 vegetarian/ vegan-friendly meals served daily. The chef will take all food restrictions into consideration to the best of their capacity.

Each couple will have a room to themselves, with shared bathrooms

REGISTRATION opens February 1st:


To secure your place in THE INITIATION for couples, you need to make a non-refundable deposit of 850e per couple, which will be considered full payment of food and accommodation.

Your deposit is Not refundable unless you have a medical certificate that states that you can not attend the retreat. An administrative fee of 80euro will be deducted from the refunded deposit.

​Limited number of participants!


Mark your calendars and stay in the loop via social media on Instagram with us:

Ida & Rouven

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