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Relationship Integrity Training

A training for Heartopen Lovers, Cultural Rebels and Relational Leaders.

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This 3 module training will evoke your relational wisdom and enable you to step up in your relationships in authenticity and integrity.


This training aims for nothing less than supporting you to become an igniting spark for your own lively expression and of a new culture of shining individuals, grounded in Love and led by genuine soulful motivation!

This is for you if your heart knows that we can do so much better as a whole humankind and your deep down gut knowledge tells you that society is ready - and actually yearning - for more bravery towards integrity!

Whether you are in a partnership and seek profound depth and meaningfulness in your connection,

you are single but fed up with the same reoccurring patterns and situations when relating with others and absolutely done with bending your own truth just to feel connected,

or you want to guide others to more fulfilling and authentic relationships a role-model an new traumaaware and conscious relational culture,

this inauguration will help you find, explore and express the unique and genuine shape of your heart.



This is not an 'attract your soul mate and manifest your dream lover' or 'quick fix' kind of seminar.

Instead this training will enable you to seek and find your individual and true expression as a lover, partner and authentic person. Infusing your current and future relationships with authenticity, meaning, needs-orientation and an unapologetic burning heart that is rooted in commitment to Love and integrity.

You will acquire insight and knowledge through self-exploration as well as gaining practical tools for conscious and traumaaware relating.

Together we will explore our individual truth about relating through a combination of empowering experiences, insightful knowledge and transformative ceremony held in a nourishing community.

Attending at this training and being immersed here isn't just benefiting yourself and giving you theoretical paradigms as well as practical experiences and tools to upgrade your own relationships and the ones of others. It aims to inspire and enable you to find your genuine role in the process of developing a brighter, more truth- and loveinfused society. Since relationships are the basis of society - the core-cell of community so to speak - cultural change has to start right here - with you and with how much heart and soul you can step into your integrity when relating with others.




The RELATIONSHIP INTEGRITY TRAINING is divided into three 4-day modules. The modules resemble a bottom up initiation through three fields of integrity that I consider crucial for the development of the selft, culture and a next stage of relational evolution.


Since integrity starts in you, MODULE 1 will focus on your individual specifications, exploring and unshadowing your motivations and preconditions for relating with others. We will be addressing your needs, wishes and personal circumstances as well as relational trauma. We are increasing nervous system capacities to hold ourselves better and stay in a social interactive state even when we feel the impact of a trigger or some forthcoming violation of boundaries. In this module we ignite the personal work that will become an ongoing practice when aiming for more genuine and bold expression of what you really need, want and how you want to be met and meet others.


Having created a solid basis through self-awareness and an increase of practical self-responsibility MODULE 2 will focus more on relational interactions and social dynamics. Here we dive deeper into the vulnerable field of sharing our wins, dreams and desires but also our breakdowns, losses and defeats concerning our partnerships and relationships. We will free hidden and stuck energy with grieving al the loss we experienced, feel the tiredness of trying to make things work but ending up in unfulfilment anyway. We will explore in theory how healthy relational dynamics can look like and will practically try out new ways of resolving unhealthy dynamics. We will work with boundaries and co-regulation practices. We will explore verbal and somatic communication tools to see and be seen in ones vulnerability and intimate transparency and realise the gifts that lye in de-armored but unapologetic expression. Here - although it feels shaky - we will get a vivid taste of how connecting from uncompromising integrity can lead towards more depth and connection with others.



Having made the experiences of being invited, wanted and loved for who you are, rather than needing to bend and compromise to feel connected, we can start to dream a level bigger. MODULE 3 addresses a more transcendent level of integrity and focusses on envisioning a culture based on individuals and relationships that are an image of the hearts burning truths. We will work with ritual finding our individual and maybe unique archetype in relationships. We will look at the bigger picture and connect with ancestral as well as future knowledge through ceremony - remembering why we as humankind stepped up for this adventure we call life. We will connect with our purpose and investigate, how we can actually live up to our cultural and societal ideals, maybe support and guide others directly or through being a beacon of inspiration and motivation. And most of all how we can role-model the new in authenticity and grace so we combine Love with integrity.

All modules will have an emphasis on exploring and freeing stuck energy resolving from past experiences or anxious future scenarios through grief rituals and shadow work. Besides all that we will keep listening to what wants to come through spontaneously by the field of our community and stay flexible for the magic that wants to express itself through us, the land at Nikkilä and our souls.



Long for clarity in your self-expression and an unapologetic but heartopen way of relating.

Want to deepen the connection to yourself & your needs as a way to evolve your relationships.

Desire to take self-ownership for your patterns and shadow impulses to step up in self-responsibility.

Feel called to live according to your virtues and needs.

Are ready to contribute to a new paradigm of relating that supports our cultural evolution.

Want to increase beauty and grace in this world through your soulful expression.

Are longing for expressing the unique shape of your heart through combining Love with integrity.

Want to guide and work with others by walking the talk and taking cultural leadership - be it in professional or in personal context.




- Exploring your needs as your driving forces and your motivations.
- Understanding the dynamics behind conflicts, triggers and relational patterns that play out in your partnerships and other relationships.

- Gaining trauma-awareness and nervous system knowledge theoretically and practically.

- Becomming able to self- and co-regulate your nervous system to not be a victim of your triggers anymore.

- Feeling connection with others although there is conflict and disagreement.

- Learning practices & tools to prevent, resolve & repair conflicts in a practical way that helps you stay empathetic with others as well as self-responsible & empowered.

- Co-creating a supportive community where we show up transparently and bond through sharing our struggles as well as our celebrations.

- Connecting with your purpose and a broader meaning of your existence.

- Envisioning and deeply resonating with a brighter vision for humankind.

- Griefing and letting go of experiences that hold you back from unleashing the vital and vivid expression tha you actually are.

- And a lot more.




- Conscious communication exercises

- Somatic exercises for genuine expression and to create deeper connection

- Finding the meeting point in intimacy and vulnerability

- Relational ceremonies in the name of authenticity

- Community circles and heart opening sharing

- Grief rituals

- Relational nervous system regulation and trauma awareness

- Protective mechanisms, shadows and other internal components creating conflicts

- Recognising individual relational patterns as gifts to the partnership

- Conflict resolution practices

- Theory of the principles of an Evolutionary Relationship

- The 3 pillars of Evolutionary Relating

- Understanding and engaging with your relational needs

- Opening the channels for 'remembering the future'

- Dance Waves and Ceremony

- And many more

Dr. Rouven Schneider (lead facilitator, Germany)
Noora Palokankare (lead assistant, Finland)
plus 2 trained assistants


Rouven is a relationship & intimacy artist. While continuously working through his behavioural patterns, relational trauma and partnership experiences, Love and Integrity appeared to be his biggest teachers.

Working as a relationship counsellor for the past 12 years he specializes in conscious partnership, bringing trauma-sensitivity and somatic-approaches into the field of relational work. His research focuses on the correlation between the nervous system, needs, trauma, behavioural patterns and upbringing with relational dynamics. This is the basis for 'Evolutionary Relating' - a conscious and intentional way to use the field of relationships as an incubator for personal and cultural growth and development.

Rouven also is a passionate visionary, obsessed by the conviction that beauty and Love are the core components for solving the cultural dilemmas the world finds itself in.

While passing on his perspectives, experiences and expertise he is noticed as "a guide of the guides, a teacher of teachers, a liver of life and an embodied expression of Love."
Read more.


This training is designed for individuals, no matter previous experience, relationship form, gender or age. It addresses and enriches your capacity to relate in romantic and general relationships but isn't to be considered a couples training. Yet, if you want to attend with your partner(s) you are highly welcome, keeping in mind that the training is focussed on your individual prerequisites and finding your individual genuine truth - which can be extra challenging when doing in the presence of your loved one.

All exercises are an invitation.

The exercises won't contain nudity or se×uality.

The event will be held in English.



Module 1: 4.-8.10 2023
Module 2: 8.-12.11. 2023

Module 3: 6.-10.12. 2023

Starting Wednesdays evening with dinner and ending Sundays after lunch which makes travelling possible.

Nikkilä Temple | Tampere | Finland
360 Köyräntie, 36340 Tohkala


Nikkilä Temple is located in beautiful and vibrant nature with a private access to lake and woods where we can contemplate, move, recharge and connect with the forces of nature to invite them into our personal and communal processes.

- 4 nights accommodation in a shared (2-4 person) room with shared bathroom
- 3 vegetarian meals per full day prepared by our chef (vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free as needed, allergies taken into account - please name food preferences when signing up)
- Beautiful big private nature surroundings for silent-time, integration walks and sports
- Use of wooden sauna
- Possibility for ice/cold water bathing in natural lake



1.950,-€ | first 6 registrations
2.150,-€ | following registrations

Prices include VAT and 1.020,-€ food and accommodation for all 3 modules.
With a non-refundable deposit of 400,-€ your registration is made and your spot is secured.

The rest of the costs have to be transferred 4 weeks before the start of the training.

Please don't hesitate to contact Noora if you need a payment plan - we will figure things out with you!

Sign up via email: noora.palokankare[at]
Or direct your questions to our lead assistant Noora by phone +358404116393

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