Sexuality – evolutionary intimacy


Trauma-sensitive sexual coaching, Yoni-Dearmoring & Sexological Bodywork

Whithin the liberation and constant expansion of ones own sexual self-image, I recognize what transcends our society: Authentic, self-determined beings who completely inhabit their bodies and live with pleasure and liveliness.

In many cases we have lost the connection to our body, its instinctive knowledge and thus also to our sensuality through traumatizing experiences, our socialization and a steadily increasing "mentality".

Yet somatic intuition, sexuality and the wisdom of the body are essential indicators for a healthy, happy and deeply satisfying life.


I will help you to lovingly leave your previous mental and physical limits behind and to reconnect with your body and your sensuality, as well as to change your self-image in such a way that you gently release trauma reactions from your nervous system and become a lively, blooming expression of your authentic life force.

First meeting | 60 min. | 100 €
Single Intensives & Bodywork session | 90-120 min. | 240 €
Intense Mentoring | First meeting plus 4 sessions 90-120 min. | 840 €
(All costs including statutory sales tax)
Venue: Leipzig or online


Trust & Competence:
I am a member of Trusted Bodywork
Directory for certified sexological bodywork and professional sexual counseling


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