Relating – evolutionary relationship


Needs-orientated couple therapy & trauma-aware relationship coaching

In our culture we have forgotten how to really connect authentically. Instead, we often lose our authenticity in contact with others or build protective walls, and we are denied real connection.
This is where all the different problems arise that keep our relationships stagnant, small, and frustrating. We have the impression that we have to neglect ourselves so that we are in harmony in the partnership or make too great compromises so that the other is satisfied.
This is frustrating!
In a relationship we need both - space for authenticity and a stable bond.
Only this creates a real sense of belonging, which is the prerequisite for fulfillment and true depth in a relationship and partnership.

Whether alone or as a couple, I will accompany you on your way to a conscious relationship that really meets your needs.

First session | 60-90 min. | 100 €
Single Intensives & Bodywork sessions | 90-105 min. | 130-190 € (According your capacity)
Intense Mentoring | 4 sessions 90-105 min. | 640 €
(All costs including statutory sales tax)
Venue: Leipzig, Helsinki or online


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