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Individual Relationship Mentoring

Close guidance into your unique expression of conscious relating


If you want to grow deeper together and become more stable, committed and connected WHILE gaining clearer awareness of your needs and boundaries and being able to hold your own space, this is for you.

I will accompany you according to your individual NEEDS and NECESSATIES.

In this 1:2 mentoring you for example will:

  • experience how real connection feels like and how to create it.

  • gain knowledge and awareness of your needs and relational desires.

  • experience how to set and respect boundaries without losing connection.

  • gain trauma-awareness and learn to deal responsibly in your traumatized or triggered states.

  • learn how to communicate in a transparent way.

  • speak about 'hard topics'.

  • understand how your hidden dynamics play out.

  • detect and stop conflict dynamics.

  • learn about the nervous system and how it impacts your relational behavior.

  • train to regulate and co-regulate your nervous system in activated states.

  • investigate shadow-aspects and bonding wounds.

  • shed light on your behavior to increase self-responsibility.

  • drop a lot of bullsh*t and misinformation about partnership, love and connection.

  • get to know diverse tools for creating connection and affection.

  • get over grief and extract its gold from it.

  • intensify your sensuality and intimate relationship.

  • what it needs to maintain stability and commitment while feeling more connected to yourself.

  • learn how include other close people into your intimate field (if open relating or polyamory is a topic).

The MENTORING consists of:

  • first application call of up to 1 hour

  • 3 months individual guidance and support

  • 6 intense mentoring sessions of 90 to 120 minutes

  • optional 1:1 mentoring sessions

If you want me at your side as your personal relationship coach message me to schedule a free application cal.
The next Mentoring-Phase will take place between the beginning of October and January.
Its possible in English or German.

The PRICE is 1.450 €.
You can pay in total or in 3 rates of 490 €.
If you want more sessions afterward they will only be 150 € each.
All costs including statutory sales tax)

Apply via awake[at]

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