Personality / Integrity – evolutionary embodiment


Trauma-aware Embodiment &
somatic integrity coaching

Do you feel internal or external blockages or seemingly insurmountable obstacles that keep you from really expressing your potential? Do you find it difficult to get in authentic connection with other people? Don't you really feel at home in your body and at ease with yourself?


I will help you understand yourself and support you in removing blockages and hurdles so you can fathom your virtues, visions and your potentials and bring them into the world in a motivated and powerful way.

With somatic methods you can develop a new self-image and attitude towards your life. My trauma-sensitive approach supports you in this.

First meeting | 60 min. | 100 €
Single Intensive & Bodywork session | 90 min. | 240 €
Intense Mentoring | First meeting plus 4 sessions 90-120 min. | 840 €
(All costs including statutory sales tax)
Venue: Leipzig or online


Coming home to Love