Deepening your relationship & self awareness

Connecting love with integrity | A retreat for couples


!!  NEW DATES: 18.-20.11.2022  !!

Let your relationship become a garden where you can grow & thrive individually as well as together.



Do you long for a space away from everyday life fully dedicated to your relationship?

Do you sometimes feel like you lose the connection to yourself & your needs in your relationship?


Do your relational conflicts & patterns seem to repeat and not evolve?


We know that longing, confusion & frustration… so we created a weekend just for you!


During this weeked you will get to experience:

Understanding the dynamics behind conflicts, triggers and relational patterns that play out in your partnership.

Relating from your body instead of your mind to deepen the connection with yourself and your partner.

Learn practices & tools to prevent, resolve & repair conflicts in a practical way that helps you stay empathetic with your partner as well as self-responsible & empowered.





- What is Evolutionary Partnership? The 3 pillars of an evolutionary partnership

- What is Somatic Relating? Relating with the nervous system & from the body

- Needs-analysis

- Nervous system regulation and trauma awareness

- Protective mechanisms, shadows and other internal components creating conflicts

- Couple dynamics

- Conscious communication exercises

- Misunderstandings and superstitions about partnership

- Alternative and individual forms of relating

- Appreciative communication

- Somatic exercises to create deeper connection

- Finding the meeting point in authenticity and vulnerability

And so much more…



This weekend is for any couple, no matter previous experience, gender or age.
All exercises are an invitation.
The event will be held in English.




“Through these workshops I discovered a new way of being.
I was re-introduced to feeling my body and using it as an additional tool to make more informed choices about where I really want my life to go, moment to moment.
The exercises are also perfectly used outside the workshop to come closer to people in my life.”

"Rouven’s workshop is the best thing we’ve done for our relationship and marriage, which was struggling. Rouven is a master at what he does. His confidence, sincerity, and ability to share his knowledge and experiences created an atmosphere that felt right in every way. We’d recommend him to any couple looking to deepen their relationship."
Johanna & Alistair




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ABOUT IDA (visit Idas Homepage here)
Idas biggest passion is to create group fields where we can open our hearts & show up as our authentic selves, to heal what separates us.

Ida holds space with integrity and an open heart, allowing herself to also show up with what is and not put on a mask that creates a wall between us.
Often she calls herself a relational nerd, because she sees relationships as a path of personal growth and mutual healing. This is the path she wants to invite you into through her work: a path where we can walk each other back home.

Ida is currently studying to become a Somatic Experiencing Practioner and has spent a lot of time participating, training & assisting in the Embodied Intimacy community. She has a background as a Mindfulness instructor, health coach and massagetherapist as well as healing and energy work.

The last couple of years Ida found a passion for relational healing and somatic awareness on her own healing journey and has since then dived into teachings around trauma theory, somatic resourcing & developmental psycholgy that she is now interweaving into her work.

Rouven is a relationship & intimacy artist. After working in the field of spiritual and personal development for 12 years, he started focusing on conscious partnership & alternative relationship about 10 years ago. He was the founder of the 'Institute for Beziehungsentfaltung' in Saarbrücken, where he invented the method of 'Bedürfnisorientierte Paartherapie' ('Needs-oriented Couples-therapy').

In the past 3 years he started bringing trauma-sensitivity and bodywork-approaches into the field of relational work, investigating the correlation of the nervous system, needs, trauma, behavioral patterns & upbringing in relationships & partnerships.

In private Rouven is deeply committed following his nomad heart with Love as his most impacting teacher. Most of his methods and ideas arise from this heartful path and he is continually refining his teachings and expertise according to his own insights from his diverse relational experiences. He is constantly searching for ways to connect real love with personal integrity.

Rouven has a doctors degree as a cultural anthropologist and his field of interest has been relational evolution ever since. He sees relationships as the space in which we can form culture through awareness, which he passionately guides couples into through self responsibility and vulnerable intimacy.

He is based in Leipzig (Germany) working as a couples therapist and se*ual coach as well as giving trainings for new Evolutionary Relationship Coaches. He is experiencing, learning and assisting in the field of Embodied Intimacy, constantly broadening his knowledge through practice.





Arrival time 17-17:20
Starting time 17:30 - 21:00

SATURDAY 10 - 13:30 + 15 - 18:30
SUNDAY 9:30 - 13:30 + 14:30 - 17:30




Wear comfortable clothes that you can move freely in, bring a water bottle and a journal or notepad + pen.

Come check out the FB event regularly for updates, inspiration and information before the event. You are also welcomed to invite your friends that might appreciate this exploration.

Up until two weeks before the event we refund 50% if you have to cancel your ticket, one week 25% and after that tickets are non refundable. You are welcome to gift or sell your ticket to someone else if you can’t make it or use it at another one of our events within the next 6 months.

We encourage self responsibility at our events, which means we trust that you don’t come if you are sick, have any symptoms or have been in recent contact with someone that does.

If you have any questions please reach out to us at: or


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