Relationship Coaching Infusion

9hrs. advanced training quickie - online | in english


Relationship is always topic in coachings, therapy or consulting.
Whether it's directly or indirectly, since we are relational beings and everyone is in relationships, they are always impacted from any development that is made.

Knowing about relational and partnership dynamics, modern approaches of couples-therapy and old bias, aswell as trauma-information is crucial for everyone working with people.

This fast and practical online training quickie captures the most crucial topics of highly sophisticated, state of the art, needs-orientated and trauma-aware relationship and partnership coaching/therapy.


It is designed primarily for people who already find themselves in a role of therapist, coach, consultor, fascilitator or any other field of supporting fellow human beings, and bring their own toolkit and methods. This training introduces into the paradigms and basic methods for dealing with relational and partnership dynamics from a modern and practical viewpoint. Secondly it also helps understanding own and close relational systems deeply so you can use it for transforming your own and the relationships in your surrounding field.


Module I:

  • Conscious relationship

  • Evolutionary partnership

  • The need for needs-orientation in todays western culture

  • The 3 pillars of a bulletproof relationship

  • Q & A

Module II:

  • Needs and Needs-Analysis

  • Healthy and unhealthy conflict- and couples dynamics

  • Toxic relationships

  • Unfucking relationships

  • Q & A

Module III:

  • Trauma-awareness in relationship-coaching

  • Relational nervous system knowledge

  • Self- and co-regulation of the nervous system in partnerships

  • Intimacy and communication as crucial factors for a sense of belonging

  • Q & A

  • and more


All three live modules containing lecture, presentation, practical practises and Q & A will be recorded for later deepening.


ROUVEN is a relationship & intimacy artist.
Working in the field of spiritual and personal development for 12 years now he focused on conscious partnership and alternative relationship about 10 years ago. He was the founder of the 'Institute for Beziehungsentfaltung' in Saarbrücken, where he invented the method of 'Bedürfnisorientierte Paartherapie' ('Needs-oriented Couples-therapy'). In the last 3 years he is bringing trauma-sensitivity and bodywork-approaches into the field of relational work and investigates the relation of the nervous system, needs, trauma, behavioral patterns and upbringing in accordance to relationship and partnership.
In private Rouven is deeply committed to following love as his most impacting teacher. Most of his methods and ideas arise from this heartfull path and he is continually refining his teachings and expertise according to his own insights from his diverse relational experiences. He is constantly searching for ways for connecting real love with personal integrity.
He holds a doctors degree as a cultural anthropologist and his field of interest has been relational evolution ever since. Seeing relationships as the space in which we can form culture through awareness he passionately guides people into more selfresponsibility and vulnerable intimacy within their relationships. As a certified Se*ological Bodyworker he uses practical somatic approaches for more fulfillment in sensuality and bodyawareness of his clients.
He is based in Leipzig (Germany) working as a couples therapist and se*ual coach as well as giving trainings for new Evolutionary Relationship Coaches. He is experiencing, learning and assisting in the field of Embodied Intimacy, constantly broadening his knowledge through practice. Read more.

Dates & Time:

3 dates will be annoiunced soon.
18:30 - 21:30 CET | via Zoom


Info & Signing:

​Limited participants, so be quick!
If you feel called to pimp your knowledge with relational expertise sign up or if you have questions, don't hesitate to send me an email:

awake[at] or just use the contact form below.


Tier I: First 5 participants - 240,-€

Tier II: Next 10 participants - 330,-€

Tier III: Afterwards -  390,-€

The link for the zoom calls is available after registration and transfer of the price. Social pricing and justified discounts for low-wage earners are possible. Please contact me in advance regarding this.


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